About Anakis

Anakis is a customer-journey focused website that aids in the custom fitting and personally designing of lingerie items that inspire creativity, confidence, and comfort.

Anakis is committed to the customer journey. Lingerie is an intimate item of clothing  and we want the the best product for our customers. the only way to achieve that is to anticipate every need for the perfect fit and your desired design. we are always open to suggestions, critiques, and compliments you may have.

we have curated a series of questions and ask for specific measurements to make your lingerie. we have demonstrations on how to measure yourself properly and offer a remake of your item in case we get it wrong. if you make a profile, you can save your measurements for easy check out for your next design!

we have chosen popular styles of lingerie in the market currently – and plan to offer every style under the sun. stay tuned. choose your style, choose your material, and design it the exact way you want it to look. you deserve lingerie that is uniquely yours and we want to help you create it. 

at Anakis, we value creativity and wanted to offer opportunities for our customers to dive deep into their creative minds. 

when you have lingerie that fits well and is beautifully designed, it feels good and it looks good on you! confidence is simply a by-product of your design.

we are committed to giving you the gift of comfort. custom fitted and carefully curated materials are sure to bring you wonderfully comfortable lingerie to wear at your heart’s desire.